These are the projects i've coded with my team. I did the agile management, architectural design and core algorithm coding.
Thanks to the wonderful people I've worked with.

PricingWise is an living Pricing organism. It's designed and created for the Turkey's largest e-commerce website Then transformed into an independent structure. PricingWise designed as three-legged.

1. PricingWise Crawlers and WebBots WebBots designed as a Plug-In working around a single central project. A WebBot Plug-In was created for each destination aka Competitor, these WebBots working every night through scheduled tasks on central structure and collecting millions of data.

2. Coupling and Calculating
These millions of product data coupling with the Customers chosen products, and calculating in 4 stages (Category,Sub-Category,Brand,Product) with special Index algorithms.

3. Dashboard / Reporting Screens
After all that process, customer can see tables, graphs and charts for the position on the market in 4 stages and improve competition strategies. These extremely detailed reports can show the competition indexes and trends day by day from the smallest point of view to the largest market view.

Used Technologies :
Dashboard { C# OOP , My Own Database Management ORM (JazzFramework) , ASP.NET MVC 5 , MSSQL , JavaScript , JQuery , Ajax , JSON, CanvasJS } WebBots { C# OOP , Plug-In Based Programming Disciplines , Modular Design , JSON , HTMLAgilityPack , Jurassic }

WiseEngine is an fully automatic Crawling and Coupling engine to ensure that PricingWise lives on its own. WiseEngine runs at the set hour every day as a bridge between PricingWise's first and second legs. Collects WebBot's and customer datas and couples that million datas via a special coupling algorithm.

After that step, engine creates a daily data set for that day and starts to calculate indexes, trends in 4 stages (Category, SubCategory, Brand, Products). Finally loads this processed data into the PricingWise database and informs the person concerned that the transaction is over.

Used Technologies :
C# - My Own Database Management ORM (JazzFramework) - MSSQL - Quartz.NET - JSON

Agrimetre is an cloud-based platform that draws the Turkey's economic and agricultural map with the data obtained from foreign sources and Turkey's official sources. Our technology visualize all the agricultural activity data of the Turkey from the field until the supermarket shelves.

We track agricultural production quantities, foreign trade datas,local agricultural exchanges, Turkish Statistical Institute datas, online markets, traditional markets and many more sources. Thus we offer an end-to-end agricultural activity analysis and data visualization.

AgeMeter is an cloud-based reporting platform which is designed for Coca-Cola. Platform visualizes and report data collected for all Coca-Cola products worldwide.

It runs many special algroithms with that data and produce results on 6 different report stages. Coca-Cola can track freshness, durability and shelf age of their products on like-to-like, year-to-date and trend reports. These reports can be examined in detail from International scale to Local Sales Points.

Used Technologies :
Dashboard { C# OOP , My Own Database Management ORM (JazzFramework) , ASP.NET MVC 5 , MSSQL , JavaScript , JQuery , Ajax , JSON, ChartJS }

MrMetre is an data collection and analysis software for various researches. It works with geolocation or IP based location verification. MrMetre provides an end-to-end solution for the preparation of resarch question forms, assignment of field personnel, data entry and graphical data analysis.

For example for a confidential customer survey;
You can define the branches you want to check, Select your employees and assign branches to them, Prepare your questionnaire and weight points When your employees log-in with their username and password, they can only fill in the forms assigned to them. Visual analyzes are performed automatically according to the data entered.

TPM Online is an process management software from start to finish for TPM Researches.

Project has two sides; One for specify regions, personnel and task assignments which is used in-house, and the other side for using on field. Personnel uses their own mobile specified data collecting screens via their smartphones or tablets for inputs. TPM Online has optional GPS Location Verification.

Used Technologies :
C# - My Own Database Management ORM (JazzFramework) - ASP.NET MVC 5 - MSSQL - JavaScript - JQuery - Ajax - JSON

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